You remember the news about the disappearance of two daycare workers. Whole Kuopio remembers the case. It was in the headlines for months. As you walk past the daycare you see someone slipping in. The daycare was supposed to be closed, and no one was allowed in as the police is still investigating the case. It seems the door is still open, and your curiosity gets the best of you.

You sneak in and notice nothing out of ordinary. But something feels wrong. You notice there is no one else in the room. You quickly realize that you are in a place where you aren't supposed to be and decide it's better to just leave.

As you turn towards the door it slams shut. Maybe it was just wind. But that doesn't explain how the door is now locked with a padlock from inside! Shivers go down your spine and fear kicks in. All you know is you want to get out and fast. But how?

How long it takes, how can you get away?


All the strange things you found in the daycare raised a lot of questions. For weeks you pondered what could've have happened in there. Most of the stuff could be explained with reason. But what about the things that didn't make any sense? Some of you even started feeling like you were followed and saw dark figures in the shadows. At least that's how it felt. Maybe it was just imagination and regret playing tricks. You even went to the police, but they only threatened you with fines. Messing with a crime scene and trespassing wasn't treated kindly.

About 6 months later you get a text message from a private number:

”We have been watching you since the day you went to daycare. We understand that you have a lot of questions and maybe you are now ready for the answers. Come to the docks at 11 pm. We will move from there to a safe place and explain everything. It goes without saying that you cannot mention this to anyone.”

Your curiosity is piqued again. You know this sounds sketchy, but you cannot help yourself. Answers to all those questions that have taken your good night’s sleep and almost your sanity just sound too good to be true. You decide to take a chance. When the night comes you grab your coat, figure out an excuse to go out and head towards the docks.

That is the last thing you remember before waking up in the dark. Rain is pouring on the roof andit feels hard to breathe. You smell a musty old cabin but can't see anything. You feel a hood over your head and a cold chain around your ankle. What has happened? Where am I? Am I alone?