A group of people get locked in a room with the goal of getting out in 60 minutes. No strength is needed nor allowed. Wits, dexterity, vigilance and creativity will help in escaping but your cooperation within the group is the real key.


Who will enjoy an escape room?

Anyone who loves challenges, puzzles and cooperation.

Do you have an age limit?

The age limit is 12 years, but even younger can participate with adults. Please let us know with the reservation if there are any children under the age of 12 joining.

Can we bring alcohol to the room?

No. You need your head to function perfectly, so any numbing substance will only hinder you. For safety reasons we have the right to deny access from anyone clearly intoxicated.

How do we pay?

You can pay the game at the site after the game. We accept cash and debit/credit cards. ePassi, Eazybreak and Smartum are also accepted. You can also pay the room in advance via the link provided in your reservation email.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes. Just contact us as early as possible. If you cancel the reservation more than 48 hours before the game we don't charge anything. Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance cost 50 euros. Noncancelled rooms will be billed at the full price.

Can I play the game in english?

Yes. All our games can be played in Finnish or English. Just let us know when making the reservation if you preferEnglish.

I don't want to be locked in a room, but I would love to play. What do I do?

Come play! You are not really locked in, so you can easily get out in case of emergency and all of the games are monitored the whole time. You will be absolutely safe the whole time.

I have a disability. Can I play?

Unfortunately our location prevents any access with a wheelchair. Smaller limiting disabilities shouldn't be a problem. Please contact us before the reservation if you feel uncertain.

Can I ask a few more questions?

Absolutely! You can find our contact info here. täältä.